Does the thought of a product launch scare you or excite you? It can be both an exhilarating process as well as one of the most stressful times in your business. I am here to outline some important steps that will get you on the right track to outlining how to make this process more smooth and less stressful. Here are 23 essentials to a successful product launch:

  1. Have a plan that outlines the product: Who the buyer will be? How you will position it in the market?
  2. The List: Who is on it and are they people that would want to buy the product? Have you built the know, like, trust factor with them? Most of the buyers will be people that are already on your list and in your sales funnel. They will not be new leads
  3. Who is your target market and is there a demand for this product? Does this fill a need they have? Work with a target market that you are familiar with
  4. Very accurately describe what you are selling. Describe how it can help the potential buyer and all the nitty gritty details.
  5. Create a marketing plan on how to promote this product and have weekly accountability for the actionable steps.
  6. Are there testimonials for it? Success stories.
  7. Have teaser material to demonstrate its value
  8. Build the buzz for the launch and follow up: Use auto-responders
  9. Ideal Client Profile: So you can get inside their head
  10. How will they find you? (your company and this product)
  11. Map out launch day.
  12. Don’t forget the customers that buy the product and how to ensure 100% satisfaction.
  13. Have an affiliate program so you can have people helping to promote the product.
  14. Test everything out beforehand and have a backup plan.
  15. Have some buffer of time so you are not waiting till the last minute on things
  16. Building the product is only a small amount of the effort that will be exerted.
  17. Contact influencers and give them a sampling to get the word out.
  18. Early Adopters- These are people that are willing to sign on, to work out the bugs. There are usually incentives given to partake in this. (beta test)
  19. Run contests to get people to promote the product and its launch.
  20. Set a deadline where the price is lower and then after that the price goes up- setup auto-responders to remind them 24 hours before and approximately 6 hours before.
  21. Offer bonuses as well.
  22. Customer support for any issues.
  23. Have a pre-launch notification list for when it goes live.