When I started my business back in 2007, my niche was chosen by my first client. I specialized in bookkeeping but as time went by I realized that my passion was in multiple services. I found that the variety was what I truly enjoyed. So I started thinking about having an industry as my niche. After working with clients in several different industries, I discovered my favorite clients were Coaches, Speakers and Authors. So, from that point, I decided to brand myself as a Virtual Assistant that specializes in assisting Coaches, Speakers and Authors. My business exploded once I picked a niche. Needless to say I have not looked back.

You may be reading this and wondering should I pick a niche. My answer to you is an overwhelming YES. Picking a niche is important for several different reasons.

  1. Your marketing materials need to speak to the services that your niche is in need of. As an example, for me, Coaches, Speakers and Authors need help with their marketing so they can be coaching more clients or taking on more speaking engagements. Focus your marketing towards those types of niche clients instead of a having a stab in the dark type of marketing.
  2. Focus on services they need. Potential clients will see that you are an expert by gaining experience assisting clients just like them.
  3. You will feel a renewed passion for serving your clients because you will understand their needs and how you can help them. Over time you will become an expert in providing these services. This will help you to refine your marketing message. It becomes like a laser pointer for marketing your business. This can help you with: what keywords to use, what blogs to write, and many other parts of running your business. This can also help you to create custom packages for them and determine what price points they can afford.
  4. The clients you currently have will refer you to other clients in the industry. Picking a niche will help you to know where to look for potential clients and where to network.
  5. Last but certainly not least, picking a niche will help you to outshine your competition. As entrepreneurs, there are a lot of people that are offering the same services. When we pick a niche and specialize in an industry or service, we stand out among the people that are generalists.