“Kim helped me immensely at a time in my life when I was drowning and could no longer do it all. Before Kim, I kept telling myself, I should be able to do this myself, but everything took me SO LONG to do because working on the tech aspect of business is NOT my Zone of Genius! However, it IS Kim’s. She helped me set up & connect software, integrating them so things work smoothly. In addition, she knew when to check in with me about weekly tasks that I’d sometimes get behind on, and her eagle eyes helped me out on more than one occasion when I made a typo or a mistake. Stop telling yourself that it’s too expensive to have help! You either pay with your time or your money – or your energy. Kim does tech much more quickly than I ever could have, and she worked the hours I could afford. It’s time to get help!”
Jen Liddy
“I have worked with virtual assistants in the past, and have always felt like something was missing — communication, efficiency, attention to detail. Finding Kim was like finding buried treasure! She is deeply committed to excellence, serves as a true partner, is effective and efficient, open and honest, creative and has made my work and life so much easier. One thing that I particularly appreciate about Kim is how much she knows — and if she doesn’t know how to do something, she will proactively figure out how to get it done. I hope I never have to look for another assistant again!”
Deborah Grayson Riegel
“I have been working with Kim for over a year and she has been wonderful.  She leads our marketing and social media efforts with extreme professionalism.  Her efforts have helped us increase our business and more importantly has enabled me to focus on the areas of the business which are most important – consulting to our family business clients.  Kim is responsive and has excellent attention to detail.  I’ve recommended Kim to my own clients and colleagues and will continue to do so.”  
David Karofsky
“It has been a real pleasure working with Kimberly Grass. She is knowledgeable in all behind the scenes of keeping and running an online business. She has been my go to person for all marketing, technical and client support needs. I’d highly recommend her whether you are just starting out or have been in business a long time. She has helped me grow my business. She will be right there for you!”
Lisa Copeland
“Kim is a professional in every way. She is extremely talented in so many different applications and technologies I quickly got the help I needed. When I say quickly, I mean that Kim Grass is super fast and gets everything done in record time. I recommend Kim if you need help with your web site and social media.”
Maureen Ross Gemme
“Kim cares about women entrepreneurs and wants to help them succeed. She takes ownership of projects and functions well as part of a team while being receptive to direction and provides prompt follow-through on requests. As someone who is running her own online/virtual business, she is knowledgeable about the tools necessary to grow a small business. She’s eager to please and no task is too small or inconsequential for her to tackle and complete.”
Liz Dennery
“I’ve been working with Kim for a while now. She is extremely helpful to me, not only completing tasks quickly and well, but also reminding me to do things when they need to be done, which as an entrepreneur is extremely important. As a solopreneur, I wear all the hats, and as a creative, I’m terrible at things like metrics and even just plain organization. Kim helps me stay on top of details that need to be done. She’s not only completing tasks I give her, but she’s pro-active in helping me keep my business on rails when it’s easy to let things get off track. Thanks so much, Kim!!”
Jessica Sweet
“Kim knows how to keep the ship running. She’s always on time and thinking way ahead – which was super helpful when I became overwhelmed with business tasks! Working with Kim helped me save time, which meant I could spend time on the things that really made a difference to my bottom line. She’s professional and sharp and a great team mate.”
Allison Volk
“Kimberly is very responsible and has excellent follow through. She is especially adept at posting website content, and working with mobile apps and databases. She learned all of our systems very quickly and easily. It was a pleasure to work with her. It was my first time working with a Virtual Assistant, and Kimberly made it very easy.”
Andrea Van Hook
“Kimberly was very professional in helping me with some overflow bookkeeping work. Her work was always done on a timely basis and she was great about communicating with me through status updates and other emails. I highly recommend Kimberly for her professionalism and strong work ethic.”
Deb Howard Greenleaf
“I have found Kimberly and Jason Grass terrific to work with. They have performed some key tasks in a timely and professional manner that has allowed me to focus on growing my business. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for intelligent, competent assistance. Kimberly was my virtual assistant and handling a key marketing function for me. I always found her to be very responsive and creative while providing a high-quality service. I recommend Kim highly.”
Dr. Donald Sweet
CEO Tactics
“Over the last three years, Kimberly Grass has provided service and attention that is second to none. I find her work to be accurate and always submitted ahead of schedule. Not only is Kimberly a team player, but she is superbly efficient, dependable, and a joy to work with. I would highly recommend adding Kimberly to your virtual team!”
Jennifer Eckhardt
“Kimberly is great and needs very little direction which is a huge help to me. Consistent, timely and on top of everything. She Rocks!”
Judi Finneran
“Launching a new business can be demanding and overwhelming. But, working closely with Kim has taken some of the pressure off. I am developing my coaching business and, although my requests of Kim are relatively basic, she has been most helpful to me. What I really appreciate about Kim is that she is responsive in a very timely manner. With my limited knowledge of all things virtual, she takes the initiative to enhance my website and add additional options for others to find me (i.e. Adding SEO (Search Engine Options) at the end of every blog). As my business continues to grow, I am confident in Kim’s knowledge and suggestions to help me promote myself both virtually and professionally.”
Kathy Procario
“In my position, I work with a large number of people (about 150) on a regular basis. Kim is hands down the easiest, most dependable person that I work with. Her work is done correctly and ahead of schedule. She is friendly, professional, and open to feedback. She is enjoyable to be around, but stays focused on the task at hand. She adjusts well to unexpected changes (If we hit an unexpected time crunch…she is able to adjust and meet the deadline). When there have been changes to work routine, etc – and I have had to ask her to change past methods – it’s always a smooth transition. She asks questions, makes sure she understands, and get’s moving on the project.”
Kelly Mulloy
“We’ve worked with Kim for a year and she has been such a valuable resource for us. She has been supportive and helpful in the areas of administrative support, client relations, marketing coordination, social media, and event management. She is easy to work with and has a positive attitude. We often find ourselves saying, “I love Kim!” We are lucky to have her and highly recommend her.”
Tim and Kris O’Shea
The O’Shea Report
“Kimberly worked as a virtual assistant to The International Alliance for Women (TIAW). Kimberly’s education, background and experience is broad and varied. This allows her to adapt very well to the needs of her clients and help them be successful.”
Margaret Weir
“Kim takes a lot of initiative when it comes to requesting work on Monday/the beginning for/of that work week. I’ve used her mainly for basic admin tasks and internet research so accuracy is a must and she has not disappointed once when it comes to the grids and collected info I’ve had her work on. She’s had all of her projects into me on time or ahead of time and is more than okay with asking questions if things come up throughout the project. She has a professional demeanor on the phone and via email communication and is very good about communicating her days off (so I can plan around those) and other situations that come up during projects. So far, I haven’t run into any weaknesses in her research or admin work or professional skills. She’s a very well-rounded VA.”
Paula Dodds
P.S. Dodds
“I would hire her again for any job I needed done. She is great on the phone, and I trusted her with all of my best clients. She pushed me, making sure that I met my deadlines. I think she would be a great addition to your team. I can’t say enough about her.”
Stanford Cross
“Working with K Grass Business Consulting has taken a huge load off my mind as a small business owner. They are extremely reliable, professional and a pleasure to work with. They have helped lighten my workload, so I can better focus my time on developing new business.”
Stephen Warley
“I wanted to take the time to thank you so much for helping me with one of my goals for 2015.   That goal was to “Clean Up” my online presence with my business, Balanced Care.  During one of my busiest times of  the year, I reached out to you for help in making sure this goal was achieved.  Knowing that customers would look online to get information about health insurance, you made sure that this was done in a timely manner and would be easy for people to navigate through. You looked at my website, Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Linked In and made recommendations to make everything uniform and eye appealing.   As a business owner yourself specializing in social media, you see what the consumer looks for and made sure to include your experience into my business. I thank you for your attention to detail and helping me reach a goal that was important to me.”  
“K Grass Business Consulting has helped me with social networking and blogging to help maximize my online exposure. I have found them to be professional, efficient and knowledgeable. They are able to provide me with suggestions for improvements and the best course of action to achieve my stated goals. They are cost efficient, good communicators and invaluable to my business. I would recommend them to anyone who wants to work on their social media and increase their business exposure through internet marketing. Kimberly has been very effective at helping me more effectively market my business. She writes very well and is very timely. I will be using her more in the future and would recommend her to anyone in need of internet marketing or writing.”
Todd Beardsley